AnalytiCon Discovery is a private company founded in 2000 based in Potsdam, Germany and one of the leading companies in the field of research and product development from natural materials. AnalytiCon is a preferred partner to the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries. The hallmark of AnalytiCon Discovery is its expertise in Natural Product compounds and their chemistry built on Natural Product collections is without equal. Over the years, the libraries of Natural Products compounds (MEGx) and Natural Product-derived semi-synthetic compounds (NATx) have been continuously expanded to well over 30,000 compounds, all fully elucidated structures and available ready-to-screen. With a both highly committed and qualified team of 60 natural substance and medicinal chemists, biochemists, biologists, and pharmacologists, as well as relying on a network of medical professionals and nutrition physiologists, AnalytiCon Discovery conducts full-spectrum programs to develop effective ingredients and products.