Published On: April 15, 2024

Enzymes for all: Molecular Explorers comic for kids

Inspiring Young Minds for a Greener Tomorrow

Last year, we realised there should be no age boundaries to get to know the power of enzymes! They lend new possibilities to make changes for a more sustainable world and that’s something everybody should know, even the younger generations. So, we let our imagination flow and crafted a short and colourful comic about enzymes for kids aged 8 to 12 years old. It tells a story led by a team of young explorers who have fun and learn about these invisible molecules and the role they can play to help our planet. The blurb will give you a quick glimpse of the adventure:  

Join our team of young explorers as they embark on a mission to rescue nature from pollution!  

When this group of friends finds out the impact of human actions on the environment around them, they embark on a quest for justice and answers that rapidly throws them into a whirlwind of adventures. Their goal: seek out the powerful molecules that hold the key to solving the pollution problem.   

Prepare for a thrilling ride through uncharted territories and discover the microscopic power hidden around us. Be a part of our quest for a greener world!

Now, we have no doubts that this is a great material for scientific outreach activities with children. We handed out copies during the last European Researcher’s Night in Madrid and we received a warm feedback! Very recently, the comic on enzymes for kids has also been translated into Croatian for our partners from the University of Zagreb. We hope to see it reach even more corners of Europe soon.

You can download the comic for free here to share it with your family, with your students at school or to use it for any educational purpose without limitations. Currently available in English, Spanish, and Croatian. Come get your copy!

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